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Our Mission

Etiquette classes and protocol training should not just be for the most privileged. Our philosophy is to provide equal opportunity to everyone with the desire to succeed in life, regardless of background, by making etiquette classes and protocol training more affordable and accessible to everyone.

At The Lake Arrowhead School of Etiquette we are dedicated to help people overcome anxiety and discomfort when attending social events. We empower participants by teaching them the code of the exact rules of etiquette and protocol within a society, social class, or a social group which enables them to successfully navigate through any social situation with confidence and ease. Knowing the rules enables us to fully enjoy all social events without experiencing any discomfort, or the fear of not knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Research shows that children who learn the importance of civility and acquire the skills of etiquette early on have shown a greater potential to achieve their life’s goals. Proper etiquette education has been shown to decrease bullying, strengthen relationships, and improve social performance.

The Lake Arrowhead School of Etiquette is the only bilingual school dedicated to empowering everyone, including the Spanish speaking community, by offering Etiquette classes and Protocol programs in English and Spanish.

Declaración de objetivos en Español

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